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    msx 110 no fire no fuel

    hello i have acquired a 2004 msx 110 with 16 hrs on it will will spin over but no start there is compression on both cylinders but no fire out of plugs and no fuel coming out of the rail i also when i install the kill switch the display doesnt come on and nothing cycles like it is suppose to do it also sat for a 1 yrear before a good battery was put into it does anyone have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    hi there i have a 03msx with 67hrs and im having the same problem, my boat makes a slite banging noise when cranking. is yours banging? Let me know what your problem was if u get it fixed. Cheak all fuel lines and valum lines frist.

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    no banging noise it will not start due to no fuel or fire

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    Check the electronic interface that regulates 12vdc power to the ECU. They often go bad and when they do.... the symptoms you describe show up. Unit is located near the main brown relay box at the back, close to the ECU.

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    thanks i will check that is there any way to test it besides seeeing if it has power coming out of it to ecu

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    i checked the main relay i have power to the number 3, 8, and 15 pin on the connecter side i dont no how to check the interface any ideas

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