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    Fuji stator resistance testing questions


    I tested the stator in my 95 sl 750 and all readings came back dead on , however my altenator coil tested .2 ohms while the specs say .6 . Is this enough to cause a no spark condition? I don`t think it should matter considering that it is the charging system , not ignition. I have also tested the ignition coils individually and all came back showing .7 ohms, while the specs say .2-.6 I figured that the coils were likely ok since I was using a $30 multimeter not a fluke or UEI, but i`m still a little worried about them. My battery is physically undersized to the one that should be in there but with it on the charger I get 11.3 volts while cranking and still no spark,I changed the CDI on the weekend and still did`t solve my problem, all the grounds are clean in the box and all have new connectors. I trimmed the plug wires back. I pulled the stator tonight for a visual inspection and checked all the wiring and it all seemed fine just a some oil and slight rust on the coils that i cleaned off. I havenet put it back together untill I know see what the fuji experts think. I was worried about melting the ground to the stator since I accidentally touched the electical box to the positve battery post while putting some things in place, but the wires are fine up to the stator coils

    I read in the electrical specs about secondary coils, where are they? I assume the 3 coils in the black box are primarys.

    I`m used to rebuilding sport quads, dirt bikes, sleds, i`m pretty farmilliar with small block chevs, the 5.9 and 8.3L cummins familys. But this is my first jet ski project and has really frustrated me , i`ve never had this much of a mess with electrical. I`ve never had any problems with my GSX limited that i`ve owned for 3 years other than regular maintenance. I have a feeling that these jet skis reflect Polaris` ATVs and non liberty (with the exception of the 900) sleds quite well.


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    The elec stator does more than charge the system. It has the exciter and pulser coils to trigger the CDI to fire.

    The coils indoe the elec. box would be the secondary coils.

    Make sure the kill switch isn't grounding and/or make sure the lanyard is installed. (disconnect the kill switch from the board) Make sure to choke the engine out to kill it.

    Did you test the coils individually?

    Do you have the ground wire jumping from the ground block to the CDI/stator/starter solenoid?

    Did you test the ski with a "known" good CDI? It's possible you may have another bad CDI, or damaged it by jumping the ski.

    Get a good strong battery. Jumping it isn't a good idea.

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