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    got a problem!!!!

    i searched b4 asking!!!!! went out sat. all day without issue, went out sunday and had some problems. about 5 mins from my destination (the beach) the oil light came on and started beeping. i shut it off and waited a few mins then restarted and it was ok, found out if i went above 4200 rpm's (approx) the warning would happen again, so i babied it til i got to the beach and checked the oil. it was a little low so i added some, went back out and same problem. so i eased it back towards the boat ramp but before i got there it died and would not restart!?!? before i got to the ramp i tried to "push" it a few times and got the alarm then it finally would not restart. there is some oil in the hull that wasnt there when i added oil at the beach. before i start looking for the source of the oil leak is there any suggestions from someone who may have had this problem??? it turns over, and i have compression in each cyl., spark, gas. going to disconnect the battery to see if that resets the computer, but i still need to find the source of the leak and reason for the alarm. when i press the volt/ hour and speed/ rpm buttons 01 comes up which is "normal" so any suggestions would be appreciated. hopefully its something simple (cheap) !!!!! thanks in advance for any help, and KMA in advance for any smack talk!!!! lol

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    check your oil filter; it may be rust happen to my friend fx HO so maybe the cause of this.

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    Oil filler tube
    Oil Pump
    Tube going to Cam Chain Tensioner
    Around block for obvious source
    Big ass hole in block (I rode mine to the shore with no oil and #3 rod/piston gone)

    I hope it is something relatively simple!

    KMA: Probably running 43 PSI boost on stock internals LOL !
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    Any "history" on the ski? ei, problems, hours, other "funny" things that may a happened.

    It all helps to get a picture of were your at.

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    Not sure whats wrong with your ski but what I can tell you is that the factory oil pressure alarm does not come on below 4000 rpm, no matter what, so if you have no oil pressure at all and dont rev to 4000 you get no alarm, doesnt sound good to me, the only remote hope is that you got a faulty oil pressure switch. I would remove the swith (front left corner of the block) and put in a master oil pressure gauge, if you got no pressure its time to call your mechanic.


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