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    Bogs after a few minutes gpr1200 PLEASE HELP ME

    I have a 2000 gpr1200. I bought it new and never had a problem with it till this year. Has a d-plate and free flow exhaust but no mods to the engine. Starting this year, every time I put it in, it runs strong like it always has (65mph) for about 3-5 minutes and then starts to bog really bad. Its hard to even get it to plane. It sarts and idles just fine. The next day, same thing. Why does it run so good and then turn bad? Feels like fuel starvation or exhaust problem??? I pulled the exhaust off to get to the fuel lines to the carbs and some gas drips out. I also checked the vent going to the tank and it appears to be ok. I thought maybe carbs, but why would it run good for a while? Is there any thing I should be checking? Thanks for any help.

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    What kind of compression is in each cyl?

    Also, is there any restrictions in the cooling system? Could be overheating?

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    Compression is fine, same as its been for years. Like I said it runs as good as new for about 5 minutes. I don't know of any restrictions in the cooling, it has the d-plate. If it was overheating, would I hear an alarm? Do these have a safe mode?
    I thought it also might be creating a vacuum in the tank so I checked the check valve and it seems to be working. Should you be able to easily blow in to the fuel supply line going to the carbs? Thanks

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    This is a shot in the dark, possibly a electrical issue? I havent had the e-box out on one of these yet but if one cylinder wasnt firing the other two would keep it going and it would run like crap. That would also be injecting raw fuel into the exhaust...

    Electrical issues can be like a ghost, sometimes its there and then its gone. My blaster would run great for about 5 minutes in a race then the coil would start loosing spark and I would be down about 30% power. My guess was the connections inside the coil were getting worn out and when they heated up it made the issue worst.

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