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    Left engine overheating in 98 Sportster 1800 - PLEASE Help

    Ok, I have A LOT of problems out of this boat lately. It's just one thing after another. I am now fighting an overheating issue.

    I checked the water lines and blew threw them. They seem to be totally clear. The engine seems to be getting oil as well. I put it in the water and it has very little thrust. The right engine does all the work.

    The left engine soon overheats and the alarm does the flat line beep. The manifold and waterlines are all hot.

    I checked the impeller tonight and when you turn it over it looks pretty loose in there. Is there a way to tighten it? Could that be the whole issue?

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    I would not think you could turn the impeller by hand unless the drive shaft is stripped. If that is the case the pump would not circulate water through the exhaust and water box, causing overheating.

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    there are some orifices on the side of the pump through the inside, i believe there is 3 holes, this could be clogged and not letting water through the engine.

    as mentioned if the impeller turns freely the splines are stripped,
    back and forth play should only be minimal, if its too much means the pump bearings are cooked.

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