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    Fuel Gauge - SL 750

    Forgive me if this has been posted before, I have not seen it in my searches but hope I can provide some value back to this forum which has helped me immensely..

    I determined the problem with my misreading fuel gauge. It has been reading 1/4 tank even when completely full. The float arm of my gauge in the tank was hung suspended under one of the fuel pick up lines in the tank. I have a n 1994 SL 750. Before you go to the effort or testing the resistance and questioning your MFD check for this. I think this occurred when the tank was full but maybe after I had reinserted the lines on a nearly empty tank. At any rate, I have read a lot about bad floats, bad senders, etc... Be sure to check for this. I just happened to see it fall off as I pulled the sending unit out.

    This is scary because if it was the primary pick up, in rough water it may have regularly been pulling in air since it was floating on the pickup above the low point it is designed to draw from. If it was the reserve line, which luckily I never use, it would almost guarantee air in the lines.

    So I thought I am smarter than this ski so I will reposition the sender so this can't happen. Well the holes don't line up if you try to turn it. Oh well...

    A simple fix you won't find in the manuals.. Happy riding!

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    I had a similar situation with the "old style" float and arm too.

    The ground wire came off. Resceured it, and it was all good again.

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