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    Rotax information

    Hello everyone,
    I've spent a fair amount of time looking for information on the history of the 4-Tec. I can't seem to find answers to questions like:
    are the internals forged?
    What is the difference in the 215hp to 260hp? Is it cam, more boost, heads?
    What changes where made from 1 year to the next?

    I can go on and on with this but I'm sure all this information has to be located it one place and I'm just over looking it.

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    Yes the pistons are forged

    The different between the 215 and 260 is the 260 have external cooler bigger super charger bigger injectors, different ECU, (timing map)

    The engine blocks are the same, same pistons, cam connecting rod and crank

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    Thank you. Do you know if all 4-Tec are built with the same internals?

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    All the SC'd skis have forged internals, and most of the internals are the same. But parts were changed every couple years ... better valves and upgraded flywheel bolts in '06, cam change in '06, some oiling system changes as well, added SC oiler in '08, etc. So altho most parts are interchangeable, there have been quite a few minor changes over time. GTX/185 hp engines have different SC gears, and the NA 130 and 155 hp engines have higher compression and some different internals.

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