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    2005 GPR 1300 Ported Motor (WORKHORSE!) Excellent Condition!

    Well i cant believe im even considering this but here we go.. Due to my work issues and uncertainity coming up in my life. i think its time to let this go...

    1st off: i will NOT accept,listen,entertain ANY offer less than my asking price until the further notice..

    2005 GPR 1300 38 hours currently on ski (about 15 hours on Ported Motor)
    This ski has been built 99.9 % by TJ (Inkaddict) So he can vouch for ANYTHING on this ski right now.
    Its a steady 74 mph ski on GPS.

    Here is what it comes with adn then you can email me for pictures and questions (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY)
    JIMS FF stage 4 plate
    R & D grate
    i believe a 14/24 Impros Prop (might be a 23 ill double check)
    Dual Cooling lines - Jet Works kit
    1200 waterbox (Louddd)
    D plate
    Cut Head Lowell- This thing is beautiful.. 150 150 145 across i believe. I will provide new numbers to confirm again (This was done 3 weeks ago)
    VF 3 reeds - perfect condition
    4 degree keyway
    15 hours on Crankworks Crank
    New Pistons 15 hours on each
    Riva EFI controller

    i'm sure im missing some things.

    This is in GREAT condition and i will have pics up shortly.. But if you want a workhorse ski then this is your puppy.. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the ski, bring your mechanic,bring your compression tester, bring your microscope, bring your dad, doesnt matter. I dare you to find something wrong with the performance of this ski...

    I might throw in some additional goodies for someone who purchases this..

    $$ 6100 FIRM

    NEW JERSEY- Available for test run anytime
    [email protected]

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    This ski is set up VERY conservativly as Zack rides in mostly chop. 74 is with almost no plate angle.. The motor has a new crank, new crank seals, new gaskets, WC porting, Lowell head, new wrist pins and bearings, etc. No expense was spared in the building of this motor. Zack let me know if anyone has questions. Sad to see it for sale.

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    Thanks TJ. Just horrible times lately and id rather have the security financially first before i get into something new.. ( 4 stroke next year..?)

    This is a really sad day i just hope it goes to someone that will appreciate it..

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    5900 $ last bump before ebay

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