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    Keep a stx 15f hooked up in a choppy lake

    Purchased a 2010 Kawasaki stx 15f this year to ride at the Lake of the Ozarks here in MO. The lake is always very choppy due to the rock shoreline and numerous 60 footers putting out wakes. I am trying to decide which intake grate (The Worx Maxiloader or the R&D Aquavein) would help keep me hooked up. Does anyone have experience with both of them? I do not mind losing top speed if I can stay hooked up. Thank you.

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    I ride over at Heber Springs alot and i cut the center bar out of the stock intake grate and that helped staying hooked up. That lake is almost the same as lake of the ozarks. You might try that before spending the bucks on a intake grate.

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    my boy has a 15f with a skat pump, that thing stays hooked up thru pretty much anything.

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