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    1996 Polaris SLT780

    Apparently Polaris had a problem with the #3 cylinder piston ( closest to rear of ski ) losing compression. I recently found a pistion kit to do this myself. Is there any place online I can go to get instructions on how to break this thing down and rebuild the #3 cylinder. I plan on rebuilding the whole top end of it but have a family outing and would like to get a quick fix done asap. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is a 1996 Polaris SLT780....looks new and never been in salt water...still cranks and runs currently but when in the water it stalls on take off ( giving it throttle ). #3 cylinder has no compression...I put a compression tester on it. #1 & 2 have proper compression.

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    Hey man check this link out. I havnt found anywhere online to download a manual but you can pick it up here pretty cheap and have it on hand anytime you have a problem..

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Pistons don't fail for no reason. Something caused it to lose compression.

    You ned to find the cause and fix it, otherwise you'll be replacing another piston real soon.

    Most likely something in the fuel system is clogged. Filters, fuel lines, petcock, etc......

    How about posting a pic of the damaged piston?

    Pleanty of info on here to help you through the procedure. Just take a look around....

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