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    Help!!! How does one tell if engine is overheating?

    I am still looking for advice on whether my ski could be overheating. Does anyone know if the ski buzzes or what when it would be overheating?

    Or how would the ski react?

    My 700 raider runs great but after a while (15 minutes) it bogs down. You can run the throttle 1/8 open maybe but anymore and the ski seems to sputter. I have a primer kit installed but nothing seems to happen when I pump the primer while having the throttle open.

    Does this sound mechanical or carb related or electrical???

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    You will have a situation where it goes into limp mode and prevents the ski from running more then 3,000 RPM. Do you have a steady stream of water coming out of the pisser? If you do...I would pull the sensor and see if it tests good...they do go bad!


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    The pissers work fine.
    When you say limp, does that mean if you try to pull the throttle and accelerate it feels as though its surging or about to die until you let up to the 3000 RPM? Or does it just plateau at 3000 rpm and run smooth???
    Does this ski have a buzzer or anything that would be sounding off or is the limp the only characteristic?

    When I look at the manual, I am guessing its the thermo switch I am to pull. But I am not quite understanding their diagram. It appears to show that in water between 66- 74 C is the appropriate range, but their graph is confusing. If I read it right it loses continuity below the 66 c early and above the 74 C devleops continuity???

    Am I missing something??? Or is there a more simple way to read this graph?

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    I have a 92 wave3, should be similar. When my thermo sensor went it reached that rpm limit then ran like dookie. Nothing smooth about it. Tested it and replaced it and all is well.

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    Overheated mine yesterday... There were leaves, or some such in my cooling lines. No buzzer, no lights. But it ran lik dook all of a sudden. once it cleared the shiz from the lines, I could see the pisser pissing harder, and I knew it was good. Then it ran like crazy again.

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