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    Rebuilt Carbs Are Bogging - Need Adjustment?

    I just had the carbs to my 2001 GP1200R professionally remanufactured. I took the ski out today after putting them on and I'm having an idle issue and a low speed bog. The ski runs rough at idle and bogs and stalls if I give it heavy throttle off the line. If I feather the throttle and then punch it at about 10 mph, it goes like hell and seems to perform perfectly. If I have to slow down to 5 mph for more than a minute, the ski dies out and I can only restart it by pumping the fuel primer.

    The low and high speed screw settings are as follows:

    Low Speed: 1 turn out
    High Speed: 1 1/2 turns out

    The only modification to the ski is the RIVA D-plate. Everything else is stock.

    Any suggestions on how to go about diagnosing and fixing the problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    what rpm is it idling at? is the idle set to low? try turning the idle up, if it is idling to low it will run rough & shake like hell

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    if everything is stock, why are your adjusters high and low not set to the stock setting? set your idle to 1300 RPM in the water.
    Check that your exhaust power valves are working properly.

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    Those are settings the carbs were delivered to me with. Can you tell me what the stock settings should be? Also, I saw on riva's site that the low speed screw may need to be set 1 and a quarter turns out with the d plate. The idle is 1300 in the water.

    Can these adjustments be made without taking the exhaust off?


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