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    Cool 09 SHO Cruiser spanks Kawi 260 ... Thanks to you

    So after breaking my Polaris MSX 140 and doing due research and getting much advice from this board I bought a new 09 SHO Cruiser 3 weeks ago. I have been waiting for a race on my lake in MI. 11 hours of riding later, I find a willing Kawi 260...from a 30 roll I killed him and he wanted more, so I let him leave on my 5 lengths at about 40 and I walked by...he then wanted no part of me and left in another direction...My SHO is stock and hits 70 on the speedo...I ran him at neutral trim, full tank of gas, 185# rider, about 85degrees out, 82 lake temp, 6" to 1.5 ft chop...Thanks again for the advice of the board in helping me buy a great PWC...I plan on buying another mid winter

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    Don't run a Ultra in heavy chop more than likely you will get your butt handed to you. But congrats on the kill .

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    SHO is a killer ski

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    Quote Originally Posted by gators8 View Post
    Don't run a Ultra in heavy chop more than likely you will get your butt handed to you. But congrats on the kill .

    +1 different playing field, of like horse racing , some are breed for distance, sprint ,the know what I mean,but congrats

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