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    2007 Honda F12 X Turbo (MIL FI) issue. Code 45

    I have not been able to compare a brand new ski with mine (of 65 hours), but when I use a small hand tool to move the waste gate lever, it moves with little effort and is smooth. I did replace the "Waste Gate Solenoid Control Valve" and that did not seem to fix the problem. When I ran the error codes, it came up with # 45. Which means ….

    *Loose WGS wiring connections.
    *Faulty Waste Gate Solenoid control valve.
    *Loose or poorly connected WGS control hose.
    *Clogged Waste gate actuator pressure hose.
    *Faulty Waste Gate actuator.
    *Faulty TCP sensor.

    I checked the wiring and it all appears to be in very good condition.
    The Waste gate solenoid is new.
    I have not checked ALL the tubing for obstructions, but I will do that.
    As far as the TCP sensor, I have not changed this item out.

    But I have removed the sensing (pressure) tube to the TCP sensor. However, I have not ran the ski in the water yet. I'm curious to see what the computer does when it is told there is no boost pressure at power???

    I really want to find out what sensor is actually tripping the MIL FI alarm. Based on the code, it has to be (or a combination of) the WGS, the actual wa$te gate, or the TCP sensor. Hopefully this weekend I can get out on the water and see what happens.

    Again, Corporate Honda will not stand behind this issue (with extended factory warranty) and is claiming that this is due to corrosion and bottom line is that I need to buy a new turbo at my expense to solve the waste gate issue.

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    Check and see if your small tubing is good right where it plugs into the turbo's outlet. I have seen several of the new ones have a hose break there that causes them to overboost. The older ones seem to have better hoses.

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    did you do the check i posted before and after replacing the WGS ??


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    Check the psi on the wastegate actuator, and make sure all the tubes are clear. One of the tubes to the turbo has the pill in it. I could not see through my tube. I cleaned it and my code 45 went away.

    Also I had moisture in my TCP sensor. As a temporary fix I pulled it and sprayed it with CRC 656.

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