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    04 r12x what to do first

    Hi all just picked up a r12x . I want to start to modify it. I mostly ride surf and jump so i'm looking to increase low end performance and hook up.i know this has all been taked about before on here but i'd like to start with the free and cheap mods first and work my way up to the more costly ones. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks gary

    ps is there any advantage or disadvantage to removing the reverse gate????

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    Quote Originally Posted by 970-xp View Post
    is there any advantage or disadvantage to removing the reverse gate????
    yea, you can't use it then . like slowing down for docking and speed control.


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    +2 Really? I guess that two or three pound savings might give you at least an extra 5mph. Makes total sense. First mod Pro-Mod did.

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    hey cigarlust i've never had a ski with reverse so i didn't know if the reverse bucket would cause any kind of drag in the rough water or bigger waves that i will be using the ski in. thats all i'm not looking to go faster just want the must low end power i can get at an affordable price.

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    Keep your reverse on and working. It's better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it. You can mod you intake grate and if you have the stock prop a 17/29 might help.

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    thanks for the input. i just modded the intake grate and ordered the alpha kit and 17/29 prop.

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