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    buddy has 1500 to spend

    no longer looking see bottom post
    location SE PA
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    In the South Jersey section of Craigslist a guy had a Seadoo GTX with a newer motor for $1700. I know it's not a Kawasaki, but the price was right. Nice first ski.

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    I've got a true starter ski.. meaning he'll want a bigger/drier/more maneuverable one before next season Get him hooked with this one and reel him in to financing $13k for leftover next year.

    95 SeaDoo SPi mechanically a 9.4, visually a 6.5. It ain't cool, it ain't hip. it's inexpensive, reliable and practical fun. No smoke ever. Fires right up with about 1 second of choke when stone cold and fires on the first kick afterward.

    He'll still have 300 left. If I can keep the trailer than I only want 1000. Trailer has lights but no wiring.

    It's in lower DE right now but if he wants to look I'll spend the 5 hours getting it here(19714).

    I was thinking about listing it f/s but I think no one would beleive the mechanical state and people would offer 200 or something stupid like that. This sucker will last forever if it's purged and stored properly after use.
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    Its not a Kawie but I have a Waverunner 650LX in the Yamaha classifieds for $900/neg. with the trailer. Runs great, has a newer starter and battery. Great starter ski and you can't kill that motor.


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    ill pass thanks

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    For a few hundred more I will sell my 99 ultra 150 which was my first ski. Wife has a 95 & 96 Seadoo somethings (2 & 3 seat) & they are quite boring compared to a ultra

    I am in Ohio

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    got more details?? I have a 04 ultra 150 and its a great ski.

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    would you be interested in a zxi 1100 clean in nj

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    updated: we ended up doing a deal where hes making payments to me on my 04 ultra 150.

    thanks guys~!!

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