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    02 FX140 REV Limiter at take off.

    New here, I did search but nothing seamed to match my problem.

    Ski: 2002 fx140 about 180hr.
    mods: grate, pump seal kit, filter,free flow exhaust,and home make stacks

    I have noticed at take off from dead stop the ski ramps up to max rpm and slaps the rev. limiter for about 3 sec, or so. It seams to be accelerating during this time but I can here it popping out the exhaust, and see it on the tachometer jumping.

    is this normal? I come from the car high performance world. and that is the last thing I want to here going threw the gears.Also just want to make sure i am not hurting any thing. My this be part of the need to readjust the valves at the 200hr mark?

    thanks for your knowledge and input

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    The pump is cavitating. Over extended amounts of time it will damage the pump.

    The most likely cause is a worn out wear ring that needs to be replaced. In the service manual you can fing the maximum alloable clearance between the ring and impeller.

    While you've got it apart check the impeller for any obvious signs of damage as well.

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    would this effect the ski just at take off? would I notice any thing on top end or the over all speed of the ski?

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    no wear ring

    I see that there is no wear ring it is a one piece unit on the fx140. i am purchasing a set of gauges today to measure just in case. The prop looks great. i stopped by a local shop and he said so as well. If it is out of spec what should i up grade while i am in there?

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    Did you ever figure out your problem?


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