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    Question 2000 Genesis Ficht...Idle restricted to 2000RPM. Tech says bad EMM.

    I have a 2000 PWC Genesis Ficht with 71 hours. A month ago, I had intermittent spark and then no spark.

    I took to Sport Rider in Eau Claire and technician ran all sorts of voltage tests and concluded the EMM must be bad. He could not get Polaris Digital Wrench to Connect. He checked Stator...OK, along with other tests. He told me that we need to get a new EMM and send Injectors to Polaris and this may not fix the problem.

    So....I paid him for his time and took the ski home. I see he did not put back the Electrical box and that the two black and yellow wires and another were unhooked.

    Regardless, I hooked up the battery. (Positive first then Negative) and started the motor, Voila! She ran and idled beautiful.

    However, no ignition cut off... Must be the wires but I don't know which to plug into..I do have the sealed electrical box on starboard side forward of the Seat.

    I then took it to the lake and she runs but only to 2000 rpm's..

    Reverse and Forward work fine.

    ...What symptoms lead one to conclude that an EMM is bad or failed? Once before, I had poor idle with old plugs. I use the PZFR6H plugs and plan to replace. However, I still don't think she will be back to normal. Any ideas what a TPS replacement would yield? What are symptoms of bad TPS? Any feedback or suggestion is most appreciated.


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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Black/Yellow is the lanyard and engine stop switch connections.

    The disconnected Black/Yellow wires are not inside the electrical box?
    Then they must be from the handlebar lanyard switch.

    Inside the electrical box there is a terminal board inside with marked terminals.
    Make sure the Black/Yellow wires are connected to the correct terminals.

    Often the TPS can cause trouble. Symptoms vary, but can include no spark, poor throttle response, or no throttle response, or low maximum RPM.

    The only reliable test for a TPS is to install a new or known good TPS.

    Check the voltage on White/Red wire (any White/Red wire) with the Black meter probe grounded. Voltage with engine running should be over 40 volts, usually right around 45 volts. Voltage should be fairly stable as RPM varies.

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    So I took my ski to the dealer and technician who originally worked on it and his conclusion is that EMM must be bad. I am close to sending it to DFI but want to get feedback before I do. Remember that it was not running when the dealer had the ski several weeks ago and now I am able to get it started for some reason. It runs rough but it runs and does not rev very well it will die at idle even after I put new plugs into it today.

    The tech checked fuel pressure at 23 and this is in spec (20 to 30) is normal. He also was able to connect to digital wrench and measured temperatures and timing and voltage ans such. The timing is 23.5 but the manual does not list a reading but the carburetor version does. Through some guesswork, he suspects it is close to being in spec. He is sure the EMM is bad as he feels the Crank Position Sensor and Throttle Positioning Sensor are good.

    Another note, while idling without water, the stern (last) cylinder was too hot to touch while the other two forward of stern cylinder were just warm. I am scared of doing damage to the engine like having a piston out of time or something like that and damaging the motor. With this new information can anyone please make a recommendation?

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    Idling out of the water for how long?

    With or without garden hose water cooling flow?

    Is there any chance that water was ingested into the engine?
    The crank is probably in phase unless water got into the engine while it was running, or cranking.

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    cfellers1 - The problems your having seem similar to the ones I was having with my 2000 Genesis 1200 FFI. I sent my EMM to DFI and am now waiting for it to be repaired and sent back to me.

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