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    Just wondering what to expect.

    I have 6 hours on my FZS so far and have been adding bolt ons in stages.
    We built a free flow through hull exhaust, a high flow intake, built a huge intercooler with a blowoff valve and added an R&D grate and ride plate.
    We also cut open the water box, gutted it and shortened the outlet tube by about 1/2".
    It's gone from 67.2 to 71.2 MPH.
    It sounds awsome and while the MPH isn't great, it pulls MUCH harder that when it was stock.
    We did all this in preaparation for adding more boost and power. Now it's time to take off the training wheels.
    I sent the computer to get the R2 reflash today.
    I want to run it with just the bolt ons and the reflash for a couple of hours and get a MPH reading and a feel for it..
    I know it's hard to quantify "how fast" it will feel but are we talking about the same amount of improvement we've seen with bolt ons. Or are we starting to see some really significant gains?
    I own a supercharger manufacturing company (for Corvettes) and do all the ECM programming myself. I know that If I add 10* of timing to a program, it makes a HUGE difference in power. From what I understand the R2 adds considerably more than 10* of timing over the stock program. In my mind, that just HAS to be a major difference.
    What have you guys seen with the program but a stock S/C wheel? I mean seat of the pants accelleration more than sheer MPH.
    I already have a billet S/C wheel (like an E1 but lighter) and I'll install that after running it with just the tune. Same question? Major improvement in "seat of the pants" feel over the stock wheel with the program?
    I won't be able to ride it for at least a week, so I'm just anxious to know what I'm in for.

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    You will feel a major difference. It will be like the difference all your bolt ons gave you and then some. If you still have the stock prop in there, the elimination of the boost limit will let you spin higher, make more boost, and keep you off the limiter. Expect about a 3mph gain just by dropping in the R2 with a decent intercooler.

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