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Thread: impeller mods

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    impeller mods

    does anyone have any tips on how this can be done.

    any pics ? any links ?

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    its not worth it !!!!!!!!!!!
    stick with stock!! its the best all around prop!!
    These were my prop mods & results with pulley kit & IC Mod, full tank of gas, Temp high 80's low 90's on flat water
    stock 09 69.3mph 7830 rpm's (the best acceleration)
    11.5/20 70.4mph 8010 rpm's
    16/22 70.3mph 8000 rpm's
    12/21 72 mph 8050 rpm's
    stock 07 71 mph (forgot to write down rpm's)
    I spent allot of $$$ doing this, take it from me stick wit the stock

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    I spent money at Impros last year and most of the guys here have tried the Impros route and/or non-oem impellers. Stock 07 for top end...stock 09 for acceleration. The best thing for your pump area is the dual bearing mod. and its not expensive and will save an engine for you if the bearings go out. I know my 07 stock rpm were around 7900 and after the Impros mod maybe 7980-8000..... nothing against Dave but stay stock.

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    that was the 12/20 pitch, right?

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