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    The dreaded battery drain!

    I have been having trouble with an 04 f12. The battery is draining while in storage or better yet overnight. I changed out the starter relay in the black box, but it didnt change anything.

    -I noticed that the motor will turn over without the lanyard in but it will not fire until the lanyard is clipped in. My 03 R12 will not do this.

    -Something is drawing on the battery at all times

    -Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    re battery drain

    Try unplugging the main relay at the rear right hand side not the starter relay but main one with the two plugs guaranteed this has stuck on and causing the fuel pump to run constantly

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    its not the one in the black box is it? If so Ive already changed it.

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    re relay

    no not that one other relay behind starter relay box

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