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    polaris sl650 s-9 digital cdi box

    i have a polaris sl650 it splutters now and again when on the water and was told this was caused by the cdi unit so bought this new one off ebay its a digital box one so was wondering if someone could lead me in the right way and tell me or give me a wiring diagram on what goes were thanks ally

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    I'm not sure you got some good info. What do you mean sputters now and again?

    Were the carbs ever cleaned/rebuilt?

    650's didn't use digital CDI's, so it may not even work with your ignition. What are the numbers printed on the CDI box?

    Sould be wiring diagrams in the tech section, or in the links in K447 sig. But normally all the wires are color coded, so you just put the correct colors together.

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    I will go along in the water yeh fine then bogs down and then I have to adjust the choke out to get it back into action then keeps happening it's very frustrating I have cleaned the carve twice and emptied the tank new fuel etc but can't understand why this is doing it I haven't put that cdi box in yet so I'm just running the old one but I think this is a fuel problem what is your verdict thanks

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    Unfortunately I too think it's fuel realted issue. (sorry you bought a CDI)

    Using the choke to help keep it running means it's running lean (lack of fuel) and the choke is richening the mixture.

    What's your fuel pressure at idle and WOT?

    Is the restrictor in the return hose?

    Does your ski have the autocock installed?

    Have you inspected/cleaned/replaced the petcock? (fuel shut off valve)

    Are you using the original fuel pump?

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