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    Angry 2010 Yamaha FX cruiser SHO catastrophic engine failure @ 14.5 hours!

    On July 26th i purchased a new Yamaha 2010 SHO FX Cruiser for my father who is 72 years old. I brought it to the dealer @ 10 hours and had the service done. @ 14.5 Hours on August 6th he was accelerating on flat water when the engine threw a rod through the crankcase, then through the pan. We towed it back VERY slowly to make sure no water entered the engine, and called the dealership (RIVA Yamaha South) to meet us at the ramp with a trailer. This was a Friday afternoon. By Monday morning they worked overtime to make sure the engine was disassembled and the computer downloaded so they could report it to Yamaha. Since they are the largest Yamaha dealer in the world, i thought it would be NO problem for them to get a new engine quickly. Yamaha decided they would NOT send RIVA the parts until they FULLY (Diagnosed) the failure, Yamaha decided they could not blame this one on us, and on the 9th concluded it was a Yamaha failure. It is now the 19th and the last part JUST did arrive! I am SO Absolutely upset at Yamaha customer service (or lack of).

    I started calling Yamaha on the 16th because NOT ONE PART HAD ARRIVED YET! I told them i would be leaving for the summer on the 19th and how upset i was they did not send the parts yet. I was given an agent, Jocelyn at extension 7679, she treated me like a complete Imbecile and said they did not send the parts until they made sure nothing left in the ski would cause another failure!? I was like, mam, i am an engineer. The piston disintegrated, the head, case and oil pan are destroyed. There is nothing left to (HARM) the new parts because it will be an entire new engine. Her response was EXACTLEY the same, Sir, we needed to make sure that the failure would not happen again with the new parts. I have never talked to anyone in my life that was so Trained/rehearsed to say EXACTLY the same thing over and over, no matter how much it did not make since. At this point, i insisted on a new Ski, she says, sir your warranty states we repair not replace. I say well it has been 2 weeks and they do not even have the parts yet. Sir we are repairing it in a timely matter. I say, no i owned the ski for 1 week and it failed, it has been at the shop for 2 weeks, which is NOT timely. Sir your warranty states we repair not replace. Mam, this is a rare circumstance it was a major engine failure at 14.5 hours, it's not like i had a gauge fail, or a bad starter. I said this is a unique case. Sir, your warranty states we repair not replace, in a timely matter. I say it is not timely. Sir i am sorry "YOU" feel it is not timely. I say you know i bought a second FX SHO Cruiser on the 30th of July, i am replacing my Sea-Doos with Yamahas, and i own 10 skis. She says, are you a rental facility!? I am like WHAT!? I say no, i have 2 homes with 5 skis at each home and that the sea-doos were having super-charger problems so i was replacing them with Yamahas because the dealer says they are more reliable (Laugh). She says, so you are saying if we do not get you a new ski you will not buy another one? I say yes. She says, ok i will report this to my manager and get back to you....

    I call back Tuesday, voicemail no return call.
    I call back Wednesday, voicemail, no return call.
    I call back today, i talk to her again, YAY!

    Mam, they still do not have the ski fixed, what is the status on getting a new ski? Sir your warranty states we repair, we do not replace, and i called our parts department and they said all parts arrived yesterday at 5:00 PM. I said, mam i told you i was leaving today and that i would not be able to even test out the rebuilt machine, and i felt that you owed me a new ski under the circumstances. Sir, your warranty states we repair not replace. I say my policy says either you replace, or i will never by another Yamaha as long as i live, and i have 5 children that are experiencing the way you are treating me, and they will be sure to remember this, and also NEVER buy Yamaha. She says, your warranty states... I cut her off and say LOOK, i don't want to hear you tell me that sentence again; i want your boss, NOW! She says, i have already talked this over with my manager, and i cannot transfer you, we do not do that. I say so you and your manager are OK with me avoiding Yamaha in the future? She says, Yamaha is sorry you feel that way, and hangs up! I say to hell with Yamaha and i will offload this POS first chance i get!

    FYI. RIVA YAMAHA is one of the best dealerships I have ever had the opportunity to work with! They have done everything in their power to help me through this!

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    Sorry to hear about all the hassle you are having!
    It seems Yamaha UK are somewhat more customer friendly then over in the US. I know of an Engine faliiure on a new 07 FXHO 3 years ago.......Yamaha UK replaced with a new 08. Also the FXHO cooling hose issue......a recall in the UK......Only a 'code 90' in the states, meaning many owners will fail to get faulty hoses & clamps replaced on what is a very serious issue!

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    WOW! that is terrible... I understand your frustration, as a past SD guy, similar timely manner treatment when the SC blew...BS BS BS...

    at this point there really isn`t any new machine one could buy without some type of issue... looks like my next vessel will be a boat...

    sorry to hear this, and hope you get resolution soon...

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    I know this is current :

    CEO Watercraft Division...Mark Speaks


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    i feel your pain i went through something like that with a yamaha outboard a few years was the most disgusting display of warranty b.s.i have ever seen in my life.i swore that i would never buy another yamaha product.the simple fact is the repairing dealer has to follow the companys flow chart for diagnosis even if the defect is obvious.the other problem is that they already have your money and dont care big companys do this all the time from yamaha to boat was out of the water for 2 months until i paid a lawyer to send a letter.the sad truth is they got you by the kiwis and they know it.good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by jet ski o'clock View Post
    they got you by the kiwis

    good one!

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    Got to wonder why your dealership wasn't doing the screaming and shouting for you? You've paid them for their service, it shouldn't be up to you to do their job for them! 72 years old huh? Got to hope I'm still riding at his age!

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    I've destroy a fxSho 08 with 39h this weeks and i'm was switching from Honda...

    I'm not sure i will buy Yami anymore...

    Good luck with your sh7t

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    I still can't imagine why dealers don't always stand behind their customers as you mentioned Riva doing. I had the same problem with a dealer(Kelley Kawasaki) in Phoenix. Both skis(two Ultras) had a severe problem with gas in oil and paint was coming off. They told me "don't come back into the store"! I haven't and none of my friends and the people that I meet/know will either! I bought two brand new skis(RXT and GTX sc) and as the dealer (Chammpion Honda) was loading the skis on the trailer I noticed that the RXT had a huge gouge( approx. 1/8" deep x 4" long) on the under side of the wench hook. I went round and round with them for 4 months on the repair. They wanted to send it to the spray shop instead of doing a gelcoat repair. BS the whole way. Never bought another ski from them after that.

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    I love Yamaha and won't buy anything other than a Yamaha. Now remember we're all friends here before firing back at this post. I am NOT in the retail industry but have had services rendered on a ski before. Let me premise this by saying it SUCKS to have a new machine go down in the MIDDLE of our season, and BTW nice choice on that Machine. But lets look at the dates and communication here. The WaveRunner went down, the crew picked it up and started work on the 9th. Parts arrived on the 18th this is only 9 days minus the 2 weekend days brings it to 7 days (Peak Season). IMHO that's not too bad considering they want to make sure it never goes down on you again. I know we get pissed off that this SHOULD NEVER have happened in the first place to a NEW machine. This also happens with cars and they will not give you a new one. The pissing contest on the phone was between a guy who was disappointed that a new machine went down (Understandable) and a CS Rep who should just have been VERY appoligetic about the whole thing instead of instigating it. I don't think she as an Individual will change my mind of Yamaha as a whole. My Yami is 10 yrs old with zero incidents. Dealers on the other hand Don't give a crap once they get your money and I'm sure they are soooo happy you're cutting them out of the aggravation.

    If the parts came in on the 18th it should be their priority. It's been 7 business days have you heard anything?

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