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    What's it worth?

    I bought the majority of the parts needed for a 951 swap in my 95 XP a couple months ago. However, since getting into stand ups more heavily, I've pretty much lost all interest in this swap. I'm contemplating just selling what I have and leaving my XP alone, just as a fun ride for friends when they visit.

    The 951 engine I have needs the top end rebuilt (came from someone whose fuel lines were clogged, it ran lean). It would need a top end rebuild kit but the head is still salvageable.

    I have the rest of the 951 stuff off of a 98 GSX that someone would need...electronics, exhaust, waterbox, etc.

    I'd rather not part out everything individually...what would be a fair price to ask?

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    I guess it's worth whatever someone will pay...

    You should know that a rebuilt 951 is "Buy it Now" for $949.00 with a 12 month warranty and they get your old rebuildable engine as a core. What your selling (if you choose to let it go) is basicly a core.

    Of course the 951 is a fantastic powerful two stroke Seadoo engine and I'm sure that someone will buy what your sellin'!

    I sure do love my 1999 XP Limited 951, anyways let me know how it goes!

    Johnny Glass

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