Hi there good peoples. SLTH 700 with about 100 hours on it. Was fine -flawless. Then after it was out two up with easy goin riders it came back with this problem. Starts fine, idles fine. Full throttle it goes stutters, goes faster, stutters, etc. Can kinda feather the throttle and work it's way up, but if you hold it wot, it'll never get to speed. 123 and 120 PSI.

Rebuilt the carbs and fuel pump ( actually twice - as dealer only had partial kits - without check vlaves - then with parts unlimited's sets with check valves ). I did read about having weak fuel pumps over time, but i also read that's not so much the case with the red domestic engines. Have rebuilt many carbs - don't shoot me, but i sure like Mikuni's more then these Keihin's. ( thats a confession little prowess with Keihin )

Replaced the fuel lines with blue 1/4" stuff, checked the shut off valve ( removed and blew air - no apparent air leakage).

The service guy at local shop, who has been honest and a good guy over times, thinks it's most likely the Stator, I see the upgrade kit,,, i know $350 isn't that much, still times aren't offering surplus.

I was wondering what the Hulk Guru's thought. Anything I could check out before buying the ignition kit?