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    2000 polaris ficht capacitor cross referance??

    i have been having troubles with my recently purchased 2000 polaris genesis ficht.i took the capacitor off and had our local napa stor test it he said that it would not take a charge at all. hopefully this is my problem. i have been having some mild missing at around 4000rpm and at wot. my question is are their other capacitors that can be used other than from polaris?? polaris is only selling this part as a harness assembly. for $468.00 i found a capacitor for a evenrude e-tec part number 3010449 that is 63v and 39000uf. it looks real similar if not the same as the polaris cap. is their anything else to look at other than above specs?? thanks for your help.

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    The Evinrude part might work. I have not looked at one, so I don't know if it is physically different from the Polaris Ficht capacitor.

    What are the specs printed on the capacitor you think has failed?

    Are you confident that the NAPA store test was valid?

    Another parts source is parted out Polaris Ficht PWC;
    Genesis i, Virage i or TXi, or MSX 140.

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    k447 thanks for the reply. and no i am not sure that their test was valid. he tried to charge the capacitor but it would not take a charge. it is a napa machine shop and they do test coils and capacitors reguarly. although that is one of the bigger capacitors that he had seen. i cant imagine it being any different than any others to test. he claimed that it would not take a charge.the evenrude cap is 39000uf and 63v same as polaris cap.. are these the only specs that i need for cap?? also i will try to hook up cap this weekend when i get back to the lake and try to do a voltage test on it.before i buy a new cap i am a little suspect that the machine would run with the cap not storing any juice what do you think?? thanks again for your help.

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    Do the 45 volt voltage leak down test.

    When engine stops, voltage on White/Red should decline gradually from 45 volts over multiple seconds. A sudden voltage drop when the engine stops indicates a weak capacitor.

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    Hello, I am new to the website and this is my first post. However, if you can tell me if there are any micro farad markings or number stamps on the cap I may be able to help you out. Capacitors are mesured/sized by voltage and farads. My dad is an electronics engineer so let me know. Micro farads are marked as uF and the voltage will be somthing like xxV. If there are no markings of that kind let me know of any numbers, names etc and I will research it.

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    You can get screw terminal electrolytic capacitors on Ebay. The one in my 2001 Genesis is a 39000uF 63V.

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