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    What's considered good compression on ultra 150?

    I'm lookin at a 2005 with 45 hours on it tomorrow and can't remember what a good compression reading would be.

    Many thanks


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    im thinking 120 across the top as long as its with in 10 of each other you should be ok.with a bump of compression like i have is 140.

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    110-130 on a stock compression ski.

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    Does a weaker battery affect compression readings?

    Should I remove all three plugs first, and then test compression or remove one plug at a time test that cylender and reinstall plug then move to the nextcylender?

    Thanks guys!

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    Yes. You need a full charged good condition battery for accurate results. Crank with WOT. Remove one plug at a time.

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    Higher elevations will lower compression, too.

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    150lbs compression with 160-165 squish is where its at on stock pistons ... That area is good for big But to a serious not 120-125 are excellent compression #'s for a stocker with stock heads.... If it starts getting under 105lbs I'd re-ring it for my taste...

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