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    won't start need help

    Hi i am new here and have a 1990 550 kawasaki jet ski. its a stand up. It will start up out of the water all the time.But when its in the water the first time i start it it will start right up evey time. After i dump it lots of times it will start. After i ride it for about 30 to 40 min.if i dump it or shut it off it will not restart.It just cranks like it is not getting spark but i know it is i have cheked it when it did this.I have rebuilt the carb put new plugs in it. it has no choke it has a primer on i toke it out and it did the same thing but would not start out of the water . what am i missing on this thing it also has a high compretion head.

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    My SXi would do this once in awhile when I fell after riding it hard. Sorry I can't give u any real useful info as I don't know why it did this but I would have to choke it to get it started. I understand you don't have that option.. I eventually learned to not let it die whenever I fell I would just hang on the the bars and gas it and the ski would end up right under me and I was up and going again within 1-5 seconds depending on how tired I was. Kinda like falling down and bouncing right back up.

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    crankcase seal leak..too much mixture is leaking out when it's hot to reliably restart. out of water you'll never get it hot enough to see the problem. the only way to confirm this is a leakdown test.

    any sign that the lower end has been rebuilt?

    Leak down test requires you block the intake and exhaust and pressurize the crankcases. When the engine is cold, the leak is slow..but you will see the pressure drop too fast.

    search for advice on how to perform the test.

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    ok thanks i was wondring about that i will test it

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