Picked up a 03 gp1300r last week for a pretty good price becuase it was crashed into by another pwc. This is my first ski and my first attempt at getting acquired with all the knowledge behind them. I did alot of searching but have come to a stand still. The majority of the damage was to the top of the foot well. I used a dremel and ground down the cracks and cracks and beveled everything out. Then I used some fiberglass mat along with the west system epoxy to fill everything. As a top coat, I then laid down a fiberglass cloth. What I'm confused on now is what to use as a sort of "bondo." Searching has revealed marine tex filler? But what is it exactly? Or can I use the west sytem filler along w/ their epoxy? Just need something that will work and not run like the epoxy.
Lastly, I thought I needed to apply gelcoat but apparetly its only white paint. So after a filler, what would i use as a primer or sealer before painting?
Sorry if these questions have been answered but I did try searching for awhile. lol