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Thread: oil pump bypass

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    oil pump bypass

    Hello again,

    I have a 97 sltx1050

    im planning to bypass my oil pump, cap it and premix the fuel myself. is this a good idea? a local pwc repair shop certified mechanic suggested this but it seems like a good idea.

    What would be the proper procedure when doing this before and after installation? Any tips or precautions?

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    This sounds like a bad idea. I not for sure but the first thing that comes to mind is the water seperater will the filter allow oil to pass as easly as the gas? If it was me I would fix the oil pump if its broken... but I'am no mechanic LOL

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    Well, switching to pre-mix oil+gas has been discussed many times.

    There are pro-s and cons to both sides, but there are many Poalris PWC running today that still have the oil pump system.

    The key is to maintain the oil injection system. Maintenance = reliability

    Click below to find useful info regarding maintaining your Polaris PWC with a red domestic engine.

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