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    freestyle-ish ski - what is the GOLDEN model

    In your opinion, what is THE best OLDER MODEL jet ski for freestylish type riding (non stand up). Take into consideration: overall ride, parts availability, handling, ease of maintenance, mechanical integrity, fun factor.

    What do you think???
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    why did you start a new thread basically asking the same question you asked in your other thread?

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    oops, i meant old skis now, since the new ones don't cut it whats the best older model to get. i should have been more clear

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    Probably the SeaDoo HX or Yamaha WaveBlaster. The downside is both are tipsy and difficult to board in deep water.

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    thanks man, what year model are those?

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    I can get my 95 SPi to slide backward 10 feet. The bottom is like a fishbowl compared to the 2000+ hulls. It's fun but you fall off a lot and it's true- hard to board in deep water. Trying to sell it at the moment.

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    Waveblaster not Waveblaster two. Google it and you will see some pics. Here's a link to a vid from a few weeks ago. I'm filming and riding a B1. I'm not that great on it, but they are WAY fun for sure. is a great freestyle site.

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