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    Unhappy 94 xp Starter or something issue.

    Ok about a week ago after riding for a while i stopped and turned it off, i went to start it , and I got a click and thats it then i tried and it sound like the starter was just spinning not engaging, so I assumed it was the starter I ordered one, but before it got here i was reading about the battery could be the culprit, I put a charger on it for a while and it seemed to start fine, so the next day I went riding it started fine but when i turned it off and tried to restart I had the same prob, I had to put my portable jump start on it and it started so that nite I got a new good battery and charged it all nite and put it in , it started right up for the first few times then it sounds dead again, it clicks and spins and sometimes starts but if I put my jump start on it it starts the battery checks out good its brand new, I checked the ground it looked ok, there is a little water in the hull maybe 1/2 inch, the starter just sounds like crap trying to start , but when a charger is on it, it starts and the starter sounds perfect, its hard to carry a portable jump starter on the lake so if someon could help id appreciate it.

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    Ground cables can look ok & be crap inside.

    Replace ground cable & make sure all connections are tight.

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