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    1994 Kawasaki 750 st three seater

    Just got a new ski and it does not work. Has fire but the water separator is half full and does not fill during starts. I poured gas in cylinders ans still does not start. I was looking at the fuel lines and they do not look right. Does anyone have a fuel diagram or better yet a service manual I can download.

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    Well, it takes the proper fuel/air mixture, properly timed spark, and compression. You say you have spark, and you put some gas in the cylinders (through the spark plug holes I would guess). I'd have to guess that you either have no compression, or you flooded it, or it's out of time (flywheel key is broken).

    I'd remove the plugs, ground the spark plug wires, then crank the engine with the throttle wide open to clean the fuel out. Reinstall the plugs and try to start it. If it doesn't fire, put a teaspoon of gasoline down each carb and try it.

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    I will give you step by step on what happened. Got the ski from the mechanic that was working on it. ( not sure what he did. ) Ski worked but was sluggist at low speeds the engine was actually rattling. Owner said he had enough and said $200.00. Tried to start it a day later and flooded it but finally got it going (worked bad). Next day checked compression and it was 125 on both and it had fire. Notice that the water sepparator was half full and would not fill during start attemps. Put fuel in cylinders and changed spark plugs and it would not go. Batteery was low but it did turn over. Someone told me that if battery is not full it would not start ? The mechanic did a piston job on both at the start of the season and only had 10 hours on that. I also was wondering why on the water separator there is a line going in and the line going out is a vent ?
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    Weird, I reread my first post and saw a typo (spark, spark). Went to edit it and the mistake wasn't there. Something wrong with the website...

    Anyway, I really don't know much about the separator. I'm not really sure that it's supposed to be completely full of fuel. They usually mount the fuel filters high in these to keep fuel from siphoning out if a carb diaphragm ruptures, etc. They normally are not full. I suspect the separator is similar. In any case, I don't think that's your problem.

    Frequently, the spark plug wires go bad on these engines. They have stranded steel cores that break near the spark plug due to vibration. Makes for intermittent operation and can really mess you over when you're trying to get it to run right. Try removing the spark plug boots (they unscrew from the wires), then pull gently on the wire strands with some needlenose pliers. If you get little pieces of wire out, cut the wires back a little and put the boots back on. Or, you might have to pull the coils out and replace the entire wire.

    Yes, it's hard to start an engine when the battery is almost dead, charge it.

    What do the spark plugs look like?

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    If all the fuel lines are connectly,the fuel separater should be full.The vent line comes from the top of the fuel baffle to a short rubber elbow with a check valve on it.The on/reserve lines both pull gas from the tank (whichever is selected)and to the line that goes to the water separator.Then from the seperater to the "in" on the carburator.A line comes from the "out"on carb to return on the fuel tank.The hoses should be marked on/res/reserve.Now there is a pulse line that comes from the engine block under the front carb and goes to the "pulse" fitting on the carb. With all that being said if the lile going from the separater goes to the vent,you will never get any gas to the carb. Make sure all connections are tight and don't leak air.Hope all this helps

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