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    Cool 1996 Speedster upgrades

    I am looking to do some minor upgrades to my boat and was wondering if anyone has done any of these?

    - boarding ladder
    - carpeting or flooring (specially on the backend, maybe thinker rubber there)
    - Bimini Top (or equivalent)
    - spot for a wakeboard mount

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Getting the little jet boats to turn more power costs a ton and you don't get much benefit because of the extra wetted surface area, look at for further explanations...

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    Check out the Hydro Turf mat, I put it in my Sportster, more comfortable to walk on, if you go with it get it with the adhesive already on it, easier to work with and less clean up
    I have a factory boarding ladder that slides over the jet pump, you might be able to make it work on you're boat
    Bimini top, try Ebay

    David N

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    great info. dnebe...

    i think I will scratch the Bimini... too much hull work for a dyi.
    I am already looking into the hydro-turf, sweet stuff!
    I would like to know more about the ladder, wondering if one of my engines would stand up the stress of a ladder. I not opposed to finding a padded double hook ladder to place temporarily over one of the sides of the boat. Has anyone seen a similar deal?

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