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    rxp-x Just cut out at to get out of limp mode (i think)

    running at WOT and i hit a wave and i'm not sure if i hit limiter or what. but i lost like 1/2 power and i'm not sure if i went into limp mode or not??

    It did this last weekend and i JUST got it back (first time out) they said nothing was wrong, took it too lake with them....made me look like a azz (lol) It ran great??

    Now it did it again?? No error codes no buzzers or beeps.....just no power?

    Can i reset it by disconnecting ground and hot wire?? or do i need to take it in (again) I REALLY wanted to go out tomorrow!!! because we just bought a rxt x for my wife tonight too!!

    I just don't understand WHY it did it again?? any help is much appreciated thanks

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    Giving a year would be a help....

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    Check the TOPS sensor up front attached to the fuse box. See if it has become loose.

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    if it went into limp because of oil to temp it would tell you...

    isnt the top sensor to turn it off if you get upside down...???

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    sorry about that 2008 has 20hrs on it. bought it new couple months ago

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    got it figured out. I took ground and hot off battery and let it sit. I thought that was it, took it too water..still doing it! Called dealer and i asked"i did the Sme thing again, what did you guys do to get it back??, They said Nothing,only did 2 recal/updates on it (ok) LIARS!! While i was on water, kinda bummed again! I got looking inside! the supercharger hose slipped off! Put it back on and good to go! Going to get some worm clamps this week for mine and my wifes!

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