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    97 Kawasaki STX 1100
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    Smile 95 Polaris 750 SL 4 pistons later she runs!!!!!

    I just wanted to thank everyone that offered there help and advice.... Finally she runs!!! I wouldnt of made it without you guys!!!

    4 pistons later, a new carburator, new 3 outlet mikuni fuel pump, new fuel sender float, 2 engine removals, Once to replace the rear PTO seals and another time to replace the crank shaft due to index problem on PTO cylinder and she finally runs like new.... I guess if I would of checked the index before I started replacing parts I might of saved my self alot of money but oh well live and learn... Ive finally got a runner and she's worth every penny I spent.... Im lovin it...

    Polaris SL 750

    Thanks again, everyone.......

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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