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    Exclamation 2005 rxt wont start / overheats

    Hey Guys,

    Im new here so not to familiar how these forums work but im sure i will get the hang of it soon.

    So I just went to go start my 2005 rxt which has a stage 2 riva kit on it, (thats how i bought it) and its just making a clicking noise, so not sure if the battery is out or if this sounds like a problem, should i go put the battery on charge? The digital screen is working so it must have some power..

    Also, when i start thrashing the ski on the water, it tends to start over heating, is this a familiar problem?

    oh and i need to change it to the metric system.. i live in Australia

    Any suggestion would be great, thanks guys!

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    Oh and i forgot to add, the throttle is stuck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpapanik View Post
    Oh and i forgot to add, the throttle is stuck!
    Well panik....

    Newbie here myself but my poor old ski has had it rough so few probs long the way...

    The throttle being stuck, assuming its not the obvious cable problem or something, try see if you can turn it by hand in the engine compartment.

    If you've being riding in the sea, would def look at the poss that its salt and gunk clogging the throttle butterfly. happened on mine after i left sit for couple months in winter and seiezed hard.
    Remove the hose from the super charger by the trottle body so you can see in (awkward) and clear some of it, spray with WD40 etc while trying to turn from above. I had to remove the palstic throttle piece where the throttle cable goes on, work off few of the bits so you get down to the shaft of the throttle butterfly. Its ground flat on side so you can get a grip on it with adjustable spanner and help work loose.

    Go easy though if very stuck, It took me a while, lots of WD40 and putting your camera phone down to take pics and inspect as it's a tight space.

    Maybe I should have took the whole throttle body off??

    Hope this helps, send some sun our way!!!

    Later - Ken - off to the bay Swim in Kilkee

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