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Thread: 951 Max RPM

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    951 Max RPM

    What is an average max WOT RPM for a bone stock 1999 GTX Limited 951? Mine will turn 6750rpm and top speed on wishometer is 50mph. If I'm reading it correctly my Clymer lists Rev limiter at 7150-7250. Should I be able to hit that limit at WOT?

    Air temps at around 110F water temps around 90F if that has any bearing.

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    Yes, when you jump off a large wave or wake, the pump will become unloaded and the engine will scream and hit the rev limiter before you land back on the water.

    Cooler air temps will produce more power in the engine.

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    that sounds about right for those air temps. you do not want to be on the limiter. 6800-7100 is the average range depending on mods.

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    Great!!!! Its good to know this stuff so if something changes I can spot it early and avoid bigger problems. My GTX is bone stock and for me has plenty of power. It pulls hard all through the RPM range.

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    Hope you enjoy it. The biggest thing is to change the fuel lines if you still have the grey ones.

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