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    Some people won't listen How to trash a XP.

    I was out on my standup when i saw 2 guys hooking a rope from a Yamaha sitdown to an Seadoo XP. I watched from a distance, they were about a 1/4 mile away. Not knowing what they were up to.

    Soon, I see the Yami pulling the XP at almost planing speeds, way to fast. The XP is flailing around like a kite on a string. As he comes by, I ride over and motion him to stop.
    He does and I ask whats wrong with the XP.

    Him "Battery dead"
    Me" Oh too bad, did you clamp the cooling hose so you can tow it?"
    Him, "What for, its a dead battery."
    Me, "well if you tow as fast as you were, it will fill the motor with water and hydrolock it and do a lot of damage"
    Him, "Going to tow it to the marina"
    Me (on the inside) the marina is a good 2 miles.
    Me. Then you better clamp the cooling line, I can loan you a clamp"
    Him, "don't need it, its fine"
    He then starts up and leaves, way to fast again withthe XP swinging all over the place, nearly flipping.

    As luck (or lack there of) would have it, I go to pick up dinner later and see the Yami and XP on the trailer dolwn the street. The XP has the drain plugs out and the water is pouring out.

    On my way back, they are under the hood of the XP all with puzzled looks. I debate not stopping, but the concern for the issue compeled me to.

    I ask what up. "Won't start" went clunk when we put in the new battery"
    Did you remove a lot of water from the hull I ask, knowing they did.
    "Nope not a drop" I debated leaving at this point.
    I susggested removeing the spark plugs and try to crank it.
    They did and water shot out all over the place out of the rear cylinder and only a bit out of the front. But it made an awful noise as they cranked it. I put a finger over the front cylinder and asked him to crank it. No compression at all and I could feel crap banging around in there.

    I then explained you have blown motor and it need a lot of work.

    I get a glazed over look from the guy. Then the other guy says "Yea some guy on the lake was talking about a clamp or something for the cooling line to keep the water out" His buddy says "Guess he was right"

    Neither realized I was the guy, and I did not let on.

    So from a simple battery issue to big dollars cause they would not listen.

    I left them with thier issues.

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    Ouch! Haha... That story seems almost surreal. The kicker is that they didn't realize it was YOU out there trying to help them out. Serves them right for being smart-asses about it and trying to make YOU look like the idiot. Feel bad for the XP though.

    I once towed a guy and his girlfriend about half a mile because their fuel gauge wasn't working and they ran out of gas. It was a slightly older Sea-Doo and I began towing them too fast so I slowed down and put-putted to their dock. They thanked me and I went on my way. In a case like that (or the above story), what's the best thing to do? Just tow REALLY slowly? Assuming that they don't have a clamp with them of course. I wouldn't want to damage anyone's engine by helping them out.

    Good lessons to be learned here, me thinks.

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    Yep. I think its like under 5mph or something. Just above no wake speeds. Tow valves are so handy.

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