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    Speedster 155 hp 2008 top speed

    Hi, I'm new to jet boats,
    We recently bought a 2008 speedster 150 155hp non sc.... It's going well and having fun with it. What top speed should I be getting?
    It's currently showing max 40 on clock and reached 44 with gps, and only occasionally get to this usually showing 38on clock. We have changed the plugs but I feel it should be a bit quicker.
    This was done with one in boat and low fuel on a calm day, doesn't get near this if it's a bit choppy.
    Any ideas?
    You help will be appreciated.
    Ideas to make it go faster are welcome - but basic ones!!!!

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    I have an 03 Sportster 4 tec and am getting about the same speeds with mine, you can try a differant impellar, with the 155hp engine not sure how much more you can get, I think these boats are a little under powered boat have no super charger issues

    David N

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    Thanks dnebe,

    It's not that much of an issue but I thought it would be a bit quicker if I'm honest.... It's still a bit of fun which is what we wanted and more than enough for waterspotrs, Ill presume there's nothing wrong with it, it seems to run fine although I am a novice to jet boats.

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    I just bought a 2004 4TEC 155 HP, I've read allot of reviews on them and all of them stated that they were able to get 50MPH??? 38-40MPH sounds slow to me....hope it's faster then that...??

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    Yep, I was hoping for 50mph but not so far.... Something not quite right I think, more help or research needed, any ideas what to check....

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    Yam, how many hours are on your boat?? Does it plain out fairly quickly or does it take allot of time?? I don't have any experience with the boat yet since I have'nt even picked it up yet....but as mentioned earlier, I spoke to a few owners with the same boat and engine and they all said 50MPH was not a problem.

    From what reading I have done the impeller condition is critical to the performance...maybe your impeller is damaged???

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    It's done 40hrs and gets to plain quickly and rpm's are ok just over 7200 which I think is normal, I have today spoken to a guy who had one previously and it was 50 for him also.... Possibly the impeller then, I'm not sure how to check it really.... It's in a fresh water marina until the end of September so I'll probably get in to the closest dealer then. It has algea on the hull from being in the marina which could affect it now but the speed was the same when I launched it.
    Is the impeller something I could check visibly and change or is it a dealer job??

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    Sounds like an impeller problem to me...there is a way of inspecting it but it needs to done from under the boat while on the trailer. Do a search on this site on impeller inspection/ replacement and you should find all the required info. Again, never done the job but from what I have read it is a DIY job that is fairly simple as long as you have the right tools and some mechanical sense. Best impellers that I have found are the Solas which vary from $200-$300 depending on the site you visit. If you have a trailer for the boat, try pulling it out of the water and pressure wash the hull, you would be surprised what kind of difference it can make especially if it's covered in algea/ mussels ect.

    Keep us updated on your progress....!!

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    Thanks Thor,

    I'll take a look but I'll probably wait until the marina fee expires at the end of sept, cosmetically the previous owner hit a few pontoons so I'm not surprised if he drove over a few things, so when it's out I have a few projects to do.... The algea has been a problem on my last few boats until anti fouled but it was doing the same speed at launch,
    Thanks again I'll keep you updated.


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    Yam, I own a 2003 Sportster Wake edt. 155 4-tec non sc. I'm getting 50-52 mph (light load) I just replaced my wear ring and propeller ( 11/19 Solas) You may just need a wear ring replacement, but if I was going to do that I would go ahead and replace the stock prop as well. If your prop is in good condition you could just get by with a new wear ring . $ 35-45 ? this is a fairly easy job that you could probably handle. My boat used to cavitate out of the hole with stock set up, but now it hooks up great. Good Luck !! Rick

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