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    Turbochargered 785 pro, need input and donations

    A/C powersports with western Iron works is currently building a turbochargered 785 pro motor. we have chosen the 785 pro engine for the hull size reasons and its exhuast valve.

    anyone with advise or tech R&D will be credited in this build and have first dibbs on new system, anyone donating parts or labor will have dealer rights and first dibbs on this product.

    we intent to build a turbocharger system that is affordable and safe for recreational riders as well as race versions for the all out ass stomping riders.

    it time to bring the 2 stroke back to the main stage friends, no more 13,000 dollar ski's with superchargers and EFI laying waste to our past time.

    so lets get started,

    we are currently gathering parts to begin our project

    this winter we will begin post tech data, pictures and videos.

    hull: 1997 polaris SL 1050

    engine 1999 polaris 785 pro

    that is all for know guys, please fell free to contact us at

    [email protected] or [email protected]

    special thanks to Don watkins (engineer) and marcus duvall (western Ironworks.)

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    The first thing that concerns me are the reeds. You would need some kind of super rugged reeds or I think they would get blown apart. You also have to think that all 3 cylinders would be under boost at the same time. This would cause the reeds to want to stay open at all times, even when the piston is in a compression stroke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post

    I wish them well but it sounds like a backyard project, not a company backed effort.

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    good points

    keep in mind that the sled boys have been doing this for a while now, our current r&d as been on the exhaust side of the process, the motor will only open the reeds when there is vaccum applied to them, the positive pressure in on the intake side can be controlled.

    and yes backyard Idea, company based investment!

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    again there are no promises that this will work but the technology has been around for years on this process. the key is making it affordable, anything can be dont for 1 million dollars but can it be dont for 1000.00 is question.

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    we have spoke about the diesel method, removing the reeds all together and compressing the gas and fuel mix that way.

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    but our main concerns now is getting that boost to intake side, if you can get a charge to the intake weather or not it will blow up reeds doesnt matter.

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    oops (cant) not can

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    well hears my input a two stroke motor uses the expansion champer to pull the exzaust out as it pulls in the air/fuel mixture so a turbo would blow the fuel/air mixture right out the motor it would not hold the boost in the motor it would run threw the redds and right out the exzaust it would use crazy amounts of gas that way and would only have a short power band. you would need some kind of way to hold the boost in the cylinders

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