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    Sheared crankcase bolt

    Getting ready to put my Waverunner engine together this morning and was torque-ing up the crankcase bolts and sheared the 16th one. It's one of the closest ones to the flywheel.

    It sheared with about 90% of the threaded portion still inside. So, my guess is that if I cracked the case again, there wouldn't be any of the bolt shaft sticking up from the hole that I could use to back the bolt out.

    Can I move forward with this one bolt missing/sheared?

    I'm guessing not because of the possibility of a leak, but since it is literally next to another bolt, maybe I'd be ok.

    What are my options if I do need to get this removed from upper half of the crankcase?

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    I decided to go ahead and crack the case again and get the bolt extracted. First attempt with a bolt extractor didn't go so well with the drill bit breaking off. Going to take it to a local dealer who said they can remove it.

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    That's some bad luck man. I had a helluva time removing a sheared bolt from an old ski I had. I also broke an eazy-out off in the bolt. Not fun. Hope they can get it out for you.

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    In general, if it has to do with the engine fix it with pride. It's not like it was one screw of two holding a bracket for a harness in place or similar.

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    Well, received the upper section of the crankcase back yesterday. 3 hours of labor - they apparently broke a few drill bits as well. In the end they had to drill out the bolt and essentially added in a threaded sleeve. For the cost, I probably could have purchased a used crankcase. Next time I'll seek out a good local machine shop; I'm sure they could have done it for much less.

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