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    Compression for GP800?

    Our service manual does not list what the compression should be for our 1998 GP800... anyone know? We are getting 120 on both cylinders... is that low? Thanks!

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    That's right where it should be

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    Really? Our GP 760 ('97) is 140. The manual says the 800 should be 6.6:1 whatever that means?? I could not figure out how to convert that to PSI. Do these machines just not run too rich? It hardly smokes at all, but the mix is only 30:1..while the 760 is a smoke monster. Also noticed the 2 pilot water outlets on the side to not spit out much water when ideling.. one does not go at all when hooked up to the hose. Is each one connected to a different cylinder for cooling?

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    I was going to get back to you on that one.... 120 is right on! And welcome to the forums!

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    all good questions I'd like answered also... Can anybody help please?

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