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    R&D nozzles on 1996 GTX

    I have a spare set of nozzles(85/8 with trim ring laying around for my 1996 XP, and I was thinking of using them on my 1996 GTX. I know I won't be able to use the reverse since the nozzles are too long but since I ride on Lake Huron we never use reverse anyway.

    My concern right now is that because of the trim ring the nozzle will be flopping around. I am not sure if their is a way to get around this or does it matter if the nozzle isn't fixed to the venturi.

    I figured I would put on a pump wedge at the same time. I might need some longer bolts on the bottom but since I am not using the reverse bucket, the stock ones might be long enough.

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    Hey man I was wondering the same thing, and could live without the reverse. you might be the first to try it, so try it out and let us know how it works. I def will be interested in the results.

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