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    Thumbs down FX SHO 2008 39h TIMING CHAIN BROKEN (pictures/Detail inside)

    Hi everyone, I’ve got a sho supercharge 08 and My timing chain broke up at 39 Hours. I've got the ski on Monday on eBay, from a guy name Allen at Staten island NY . The ski was repaired at Kawasaki dealer before solded to me right after the repair (No body tried the ski on water after the repair).

    The previous owner didn’t used on water the ski after changing the head and valve from Yamaha dealer at NY. He was telling me the ski was started correctly off shore for 5 sec without water hose on pick up in front of me so he is NOT responsable. I've called Yamaha dealer who worked on my ski they told me they are not responsable for the internal dammage, they have to guarantee the bad job they did i guess.

    I would love to know where is the best place to get my engine repair I'm in upstate NY but can get the engine shipped everywhere in usa...

    Here is the SUPER QUALITY dealer made my head change.

    Staten Island Kawasaki DONT TRUST THEM
    457 Bay St | Staten Island, NY , 10304
    PH: 718 447-2020 | FX: 718 447-2020

    Thanks Everybody for your help.

    This forum is just amazing, look like the ski folks are all around here

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    wow that's a bummer!

    Wayne at Wetwerx, a good buddy of mine. Has a shop in Schenectady. His work is always top notch.

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    pwcengines in manorville ny does fantastic work,i have motors done by him all the time

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    Hi everyone

    I just wanted to let know everybody that in staten island are the RIDICULOUS REPAIR SHOP WHO REBUILT MY ENGINE BEFORE I BROKE IT UP IN LESS THAN 1 HOURS.


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    If true - They shouldn't be touching engines if they are not going to take any responsability for their work.

    On a positive, it's just a broken chain right?
    Just remove the oil pump and such and put in a new chain and you're done.

    I would want to understand why the chain broke first.

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    Update they want to get back the ski and look what append ????

    I'm wondering if I can trust them, I mean maybe they gonna tell me it not your fault you have to pay back ANOTHER REBUILT engine...


    thanks everybody

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    Honestly man. Contact the seller and have him fax you or ship you the receipt of the job performed. Once you have receipt it doesnt matter who the owner is. It is paper proof that the repairs match that specific vin number on that ski. Have them check it out since it is their fault as well. Go from there, look at the receipt and check what was donde to the ski like timing chain replacement, best of hopes..

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    Any easy way to see if the chains broke. My skiies not running.. It sounds like the timmings out.. maybe chains stretched and skipped a tooth... Can it damage anything else.. Values, Head... 58 hours on my ski ? 2009 yamaha sho

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    My chains on ...pulled off vaule cover any easy way to check to see if i jumped a tooth ? i see holes in each top gear ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeandjill00 View Post
    My chains on ...pulled off vaule cover any easy way to check to see if i jumped a tooth ? i see holes in each top gear ?

    Put #1 (front of ski) at TDC and check dots on cams are facing up and line up with the lines on the cam towers.

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