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    My PV's arent moving with rpms...

    I'm wondering, I just test fired my 1200r and relized the PV cables arent moving at all when I change rpm's... Im assuming this isnt right. When I was working on the boat I did notice the servo cables housings were a nice crusty green where they tuck under the hood seal surface... What kinds of things can I checkout to determine what exactly is broke?

    I have another 1200r that has a toasted motor I can swap parts with.

    Thanks guys!

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    disconnect plug from system,run a jumper to the red and black (on the motor side of the cables),hook to a battery,touch the grey to black,motor should cycle.,disconnect cables from PV

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    thanks for the advice. After I made the thread I went back out to fiddle with it. The PV's were stuck, they seem sticky, especially the middle one. I can get them free but if they sit they get stuck again. I swapped my servoc from the other GP and it will cycle when the motor is shut off. So im figuring the PV's seized and that burnt the servo out.

    Makes me think the PV's need to be cleaned but I havent ever done that before. Any idea what this will entail?

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    First off make sure all three are in sync with each other. The connector between them tend to wear out and get alot of slop in them.
    If there stuck take off the 4 10mm bolts on the covers and clean out whats inside with a screw drive and then a q tip or something. dont spray brake cleaner in there it will drain into the cylinder and when you start it it will dilute the oil and cause damage.
    You can re use the gasket on the cover if its in good shape. Did you ever install the clips and couplers on your machine? If not to a search for wave eater couplers and clip and MUST DO ITEM!!

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    yeah I just installed wave eater and I have the covers off. To be honest it doesnt look bad at all compared to the other machine i took the servo motor off. Is the tolerance tight enough on the PV shaft that oil/grime could gum it up?

    is it possible to pull the PV's from the top to check them out?

    This is the front PV, they are all about the same in dirtyness but this one had a nick on the top of the rod....
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    there are easy to remove there are clips at ether end ,remove the plastic clip then slid the boot forward and remove the plastic coupler,do the same on the next one,then see which PV is stuck by moving it up or down,if the rear needs to come out remove the metal clip on the shaft,remove the screw in the ctr of the PV,push the shaft aft,till it clears the clevis holding the PV,then pull it out,it my need to be coaxed out,(shaft and PV)same with 2 and 1,they will get pushed into the shaft hole the the other came out,install in reverse order

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    you guys have any idea how to remove the #3 PV? the Pulley drum is hitting the pipe before the shaft can slide out far enough... does it unscrew from the shaft some how?

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    Did some searching and found I had to loosin the stinger. Did that and got the last PV out. Man these where alot more gummy then I thought!
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