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    I am selling Billy Womacks winning POLARIS VIRAGE TX WITH factory triple pipe +++++

    PLEASE CALL ME OR EMAIL ME FOR PICTURES 818 793 9707 BOUGHT FROM PAUL AT JETWORLD CAN BE VERIFIED THAT IT IS BILLY WOMACKS WINNING SKI. PLEASE CALL 818 793 9707 i want $5500 its got way more then that in it in parts plus its a piece of jetski race history. I live in VAN NUYS CALIFORNIA 20 minutes from long beach BUYER TO PAY SHIPPING or local delivery of 300 miles free

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    I think you mean "Paul the plumber"
    He isnt from Jetworld.. Dan, Travis & Manny are from Jetworld. Paul used to associate himself with Castaic Ski & Sport. He usually lists himself as Castaic sports garage.


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    I was looking for parts and saw this listing,so I thought I would correct the story. This boat did belong to Billy it was his short course boat and has msd total loss, in peak form with the right prop it will run 72mph. on race fuel. I was never associated with castaic ski and sports other than being friendly with it's owner Jim McCartin. I am not associated with jet world other than knowing them. I however in 2006 became partners with Dave Smith and we owned Ski Works which was located behind Castaic Ski and Sports. We later sold the shop and all it's parts and shop equipment to Jetworld where they now conduct business. Ski Works is now located in Arizona with 2 shops and a storage yard. Our main shop and retail store is aprox 5000 sq ft. with a large fenced in lot. Yes I kept the castaicsportsgarage email address because so many people had it as our contact. Thanks

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