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    95 xp 800 hard start

    new to skis, have built and raced motorcycles and atvs all my life. but these carbs on pwc's drive me crazy nothing works like an atv carb. my question is when i start the ski i have to hold the throttle open then it starts slowly as if loaded up. but i can pour some fuel in carb and will start wright up. tried turning low speed adjuster out a quarter and in a quarter still hard to start. i bought it from a guy who said he spent over a 100 bucks getting carbs rebuilt and it ran once and he could not get it started . once started it idles fine and has great throttle reponse from start to finish.thought about a primer kit but there is problem and just kills me why it won't start. on the atv if it does that it is too rich, it has compression of 135 on mag and 138 on other cylinder. pulled carbs apart and had some trash and one needle valve lever was setting a lot higher than the body .set both of them to specs above body cleaned carbs out and reassemled . it also had input and return lines switched .it still has gray lines and every thing is stock.thanks a lot for any ideas.

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    does it smell flooded? and are the plugs wet? Im assuming leaking needle and seats and/or weak springs. I would change out the gray fuel lines asap if your main, reserve and return lines are changes the rest are ok as they are vent lines. pull the fuel selector and check that out also. it likes to clog too. i also wonder if the fuel bowl is sealed properly. that seal there tends to dry rot. if that doesnt work ctake the gas cap off and try to start...if thats it clean the vents.did you ever pull the little carb screens and give them the Q-tip job when you had them apart?

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    hard start

    checked fuel bowl and selector,both good. it seems to me to be rich when idiling. when i got home from lake this evening it started first try with no throttle after a few starts it needed some throttle to start. i assume the leaking needles are the culprit . as i said have raced atv's for years and bad needle and seat just let fuel run out over flow on ground easy to see.thanks for ideas will remove carbs and try again.
    thanks Jackie

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    pulled carbs apart again cleaned everything.after some research found that xp 800 and xp have different low speed settings. reassembled and will try again . 800 has 1 turn out xp has 1 3/4 out +- 1/4 . so it was way rich on low end.hope this works

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