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    Riva Rear Air Pre Filter Assembly

    Im just getting my feelers out here. Im gonna have a CNC machine coming my way shortly and one of my first projects is probably gonna be a rear air filter assembly similar to the riva setup in this link

    It would be under $120 most likely. I would like to shoot for $100 shipped or less depending on how they cut out and how long the bits for the machine last. Would anyone be interested in one?

    It would be cut with a CNC out of a solid piece of aluminum. 2 pieces like rivas. Could be powdered coated whatever color if need be. Some people like to customize their ski that way. I would sell them with window screen material in the middle like all the local guys run. Flows better than the florite material. But either could be used. Or nothing.

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    I would be interested, let me know once you get a price set...

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