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    Low boost after overhaul

    Just ran my ski after overhaul.

    noticed that the boost pressure never went past 6 a full rpms. If it does go higher, it does not maintain pressure. rpms never went above 7300-7400

    After riding for 30 minutes SC belt slipped and came off..

    but just before it came off.. the craft did one sudden surge of rpms and that was it for the weekend.

    any ideas ....... ?

    sending it back to the shop for a new belt

    this is what I am thinking

    1. belt was too tight ?
    2. slipping because of some oil on the belts / tensioner ?
    3. leak in SC
    4. hose leak ?

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    belt obviously too loose if it come off!! more than likely surged as it come off as it would have tightened up as it rode over the lips. also check all boost hose clamps.

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